Welcome. I have finally thrown my voice out there into the ether. I present to you, my monster eggs.

I have always had a fascination with the idea that the monstrous and the beautiful are just a tilt of the head apart from one another. The world, morality, beauty, each other – these are neither black and white, nor grey. Rather, each is a prism which, viewed by two people at the same time, exists as a parallel creature. My monsters are your saints, and your saints are my monsters. Keeping this transitional idea of existence in mind, I try to see the beauty of my monsters. In each horrible experience, there is the beauty of being fully alive to experience the horror. In each moment of perfect beauty and happiness there is the inevitable knowledge of loss and transience.

Please look around and enjoy. Be forgiving – I am a dedicated amateur and for this show, the price is right. Some eggs rot in the shell, some eggs hatch.


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