Impotence and Rage

Politics. I said it. Now one of my two readers have logged off.
One of 200 Girls Rescued, OK Passes Bill Criminalizing Abortion, Bill to Protect LGBT Blocked, The Permanence of the Confederate Flag, Redskins Name Poll, Military Punishes Sex-Assault Victims……

Have I always been this powerless?
Everyday life continues as always. Work to be done, kisses to be lingered over, sleep to be enjoyed, sunny days and rainy days, deaths and births. The big and little problems of everyday. The big and little joys of everyday.
Is is selfish to live entirely in the everyday while the world seems to be turning in the wrong direction?
Is it wrong to reach overload and turn all of my energy to the little world where all my living happens?
Every once in a while, the rage and impotence seep in when I see that the world I wish for is the one so vehemently wished against. And this has always been the case.

And it seems insane and wasteful to spend my energy outside of my precious little world. What could a temporary retreat hurt? Particularly now, when I feel like I am filling sandbags against a flood?


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